The Chianciano International Art Awards in Italy 2012

An exhibition ranging from Abstract and Surrealism to Expressionism and Conceptual Photography


A selection of artworks are gathered from all around the world in a celebration of the intellectual and mental element, an underlying message that lies behind some of the greatest artistic minds in history.


The artworks presented are those able to capture emotions, inspired by the reality around them, expressing interpretations of life and communicating philosophies of existence.


Next September, the Chianciano Art Museum will be  transformed. Works by artists such as Durer, Munch, Tiepolo and Magritte will be replaced by what is the 21st Century’s answer to artistic expression, “The Art of the Mind.” Ranging from Surrealism to Conceptual Photography, the Chianciano Award is an event that provokes and stimulates the art lover and serves as an opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to experience art from all around the world in one global exhibition.


The award exhibition is judged by renowned experts and is curated by specialists that have staged shows in museums such as the Victoria and Albert in London and the Leighton Museum and is judged by international panels from organisations such as the European Confederation of Art Critics and the Oxford University Alumni group. In the 2010 edition, artists from all over the world were presented, from nations such as the Philippines, Korea, United States, Australia, Egypt, Kuwait and Israel. The exhibition had over 10,000 visitors.